Demo site import file (get the content!)

Want to skip ahead a bit and simply import the content file from our demo site into your new Wordpress install?  No problem, here's what to do...

  • Make sure you have a brand new Wordpress install and you have also installed the Conversion Cats theme (see the second lesson in our guide if you have yet to install the theme)
  • Download our demo site import file here
  • Unzip the file so you have just the XML file, it should look like: conversioncatsdemo.xml
  • Go to the back-end of your Wordpress site
    • NOTE: you should only do this on a brand new, fresh Wordpress install rather than a site that already has a bunch of content
  • Go to Tools > Import
  • Find Wordpress > click Install Now to install the importer plugin
  • Click Run Importer
  • Choose the XML file (conversioncatsdemo.xml) from your computer.  
    • NOTE: make sure you choose just the unzipped XML file and not the original zip file
  • Upload file and import
  • You can re-assign the posts to your admin user account
  • NOTE: the file attachments are too large to share so please note that all of the images will be broken and won't work when you run the import.  
  • Once it's done, you should get a success message. 
  • We highly recommend going through the guide from start to finish so you get a better understanding of how to optimize the theme to its fullest potential for your business!

Thank you!